an essential market for the car repair sector

Doyen has been successfully distributing parts and services in this sector for many years. And it has become a reputable operator, highly valued by independent aftermarket professionals.

The Aftermarket: a complex market involving a number of operators

The Aftermarket

The Aftermarket, or spare-parts market, is a complex sector involving a number of different operators, such as constructors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), stockists/distributors, specialists, auto centres, car repairers, web operators, etc. It covers the entire range of activities involved in the sale, repair and servicing of spare parts, accessories and products likely to be repaired, replaced, installed or used on a motor vehicle after its purchase.

The independent Aftermarket, our core business

The independent Aftermarket

Alongside the approved networks of manufacturers, an independent channel called 'IAM' = 'Independent Aftermarket" or often called" independent spare parts", is the area where we operate and it is a sector that brings together all operators that distribute original-equipment-manufacturer parts, as opposed to constructor branded parts.

A vital market for original equipment manufacturers

A vital market

A share of this market, which is increasingly spectacularly, now allows manufacturers to continue to enhance their brand while creating a "free-zone" guaranteeing the sustainability of their brands. And it should be taken into consideration that it is primarily through independent distributors and their large orders that the legitimacy of original equipment manufacturers is gaining ground.