distributor/stockists: a key logistic function

Today, in a context where consumers are demanding faultless and immediate service, distributors/stockists play a key logistic role essential to the smooth running of the car repair sector.

A distributor of parts…

A distributor of parts

Placed at the centre of the distribution chain, Doyen plays a key logistic role that is essential for the OEM and the local distributor. Our role is to assemble and hold in stock complete ranges of products in order to deliver them to retailers several times a day, at a competitive price.

…and also services, is our stated objective!


In keeping with our values, we focus our strategy on developing our know-how to become and remain a benchmark in the business sector where we operate. We are permanently developing innovative services to make it easier to service and repair motor vehicles. With our local distributors and their customers, we represent an alternative to the networks of constructors for motorists.

From effective identification to speedy ordering of the part and the availability of tools on the extranet, distributors are offered all the services we are rolling out around the distribution of parts.