Doyen currently has clearly identified partners:  TRW - Valeo - SOGEFI - Gates - SKF - Federal Mogul.

The most important selection conditions are:

  • Minimum and sustainable profitability,
  • An active and representative presence in terms of volumes in all countries: France, Belgium and the Netherlands,
  • Collaboration between teams at strategic and operational level,
  • A shared strategy.

Doyen wishes to develop a long-term partnership based on a win-win relationship. The objective is to sustain and expand their market share in the various markets and countries where they operate.

Between Doyen and its partners, the duties, added value and undertakings of each party are agreed and formalised in a contract with a minimum term of 3 years.

Thanks to this agreement, both partners can focus primarily on the development of OEM brands, their concepts and volumes.



TRW designs active and passive safety systems for original equipment. 185 sites across 26 countries. Over 60,000 employees. Develops new technologies. Reduces consumption. Increases safety.



124 sites in 29 countries. 16 research centres and 38 development centres. 74.800 members of staff. 12 distribution platforms. Manufactures air-conditioning products (including passenger-compartment filters), thermal loops, braking, lighting, starters and alternators, wiper blades, safety systems, clutches, ignitions, electrical switches and accessories



Owner of the Monroe and Walker brands- Over 104 sites worldwide, on all continents- 87 production sites- 14 Research & Development sites- 24,000 members of staff- Manufacturer of exhausts and shock absorbersWebsites: www.monroe-eu.comwww.walker-eu.com


Federal Mogul

Founded in 1899. World headquarters in the United States. 45,000 members of staff in 34 countries. 103 production sites and 18 logistics centres. Manufacturer of car parts and also parts for the aerospace, naval, rail and industrial sectors. Leading supplier for car manufacturers. Many brands in its portfolio: MOOG, FERODO, PAYEN, CHAMPION, ABEX, etc.Many technological innovations : over 2,500 patents filed between 2005 and 2011.



With strong brands. INA, LuK and Fag. It is a leading company in the bearings market, and a recognised supplier in the automotive world. It develops and manufactures precision products to be used on all moving components in machines, installations, vehicles, as well as in the aeronautical and space sectors. 74,000 members of staff, including 4,800 working in 32 Research & Development centres. 180 sites in over 50 countries. One vehicle out of every three in the world uses a LuK clutch.



The MAHLE group is recognised for its know-how in the area of the development and production of complete filter units, engine components and peripherals.Using cutting-edge innovation, each year MAHLE develops and launches around 200 new filters on the after-market.



Located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Over 15,000 facilities worldwide.. Approximately 130 plants.. 7 R&D sites. 46,039 members of staff. Manufacturer of bearings, brake pads and drums with bearings, tensioner pulleys and rollers, belts, water pumps, drive trains, steering and suspension.



Established in 1911. 106 sites across 30 countries. More than 14.000 members of staff. Global headquarters: Gates, Denver, United States.. Main headquarters in Europe: Gates, Erembodegem, Belgium.. Supplier of belts, tensioners, pipes and thermostats



Pioneer in the development of Lambda sensors since the 1980s. NGK Lambda sensors optimise fuel consumption and guarantee optimal performances. Top quality: Two-thirds of the IAM range originate directly from the original equipment. 100% original quality.



Established in 1956, the PURFLUX name is synonymous with original Performance on the Independent After-Market. . The brand offers its customers filters compliant with all the technical and commercial constraints of car manufacturers.. To achieve this, the technical team at PURFLUX have acquired over 50 years a unique mastery over the techniques for processing filtration material using both chevron pleats and straight folds.