To offer a premium selection, we work with over 69 leading global OEMs. Through this partnership, we are always able to propose an exceptional and competitive offer in terms of stocks, with an exceptional added value.

In terms of our OEM partners, they benefit from a consolidation of their volumes, a quality service for their brands and distribution costs kept under control.



The 1st supplier to offer a complete particulate filter service for the after-market: particulate filters, catalytic converters, Eolys additive and computer reset manual.. The technology used for the Walker products complies with the first fitting specifications.. Walker is one of the first original parts suppliers to offer particulate-filtration technology to several manufacturers.. Walker has vast experience and highly technical skills in the area of emission systems.. With its particulate filters, Walker is strengthening its fight against polluting emissions from vehicles.


Worthington Creyssensac

Has been operating for a number of years on the market. Extensive network of local distributors. A leading company of distribution equipment for oil, grease, diesel and other fluids. An extensive range of reels: air, water, HP, oil, lubricants, diesel electrical. Storage and retention systems for all fluids. Specialised manufacturing and engineering. Website:



One of the leading companies for over 70 years in the area of treatments for engines. Offices, R&D unit and stock, based in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium (9000 m2). Training available at the supplier's R&D centre. A range subdivided into different families of products means it is easy to find a solution for each application. A large range with over 400 items to meet the expectations of the market. A well-known and recognised brand on the market



Main European manufacturer of automatic reels for the last 60 years. Professional and industrial quality. Excellent value for money. Manufactured in Italy. An extremely wide range