Cutting-edge logistics

Our investments have enabled us to develop a high-performance logistic tool. Through the automation of the entire chain, all processes are optimised and the resources streamlined to meet all your requests rapidly and on a daily basis.



With over 56,000 m2 spread over 6 sites in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, and a stock of over 80,000 articles and express replenishment by our suppliers, Doyen always offers a wide range of repair and service products for vehicles.



Key words: reliability, responsiveness, speed. Thanks to a high level of service and optimal availability, we guarantee particularly short delivery times - which can be as short as 2 hours, depending on the point of delivery.


Vendor managed inventory


Doyen designs tools to optimise its customers' stocks. The operating principles of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) allow an optimised management of stocks: reduction of stock value, increased turnover, improved service levels, streamlining the receipt of goods and a lower risk of unsold items.