Ordering tools

Look no further; find what you are looking for! The Salto tool offers an exclusive and highly innovative platform developed for distributors as well as their repairer garages. The performance of this "all in-one" platform is a point of difference that will increase the loyalty of your repairer garages and allow you to expand your market share. Salto intelligently integrates the following four functions: documentation & search for parts, repair quotes, on-line ordering and assistance for repairs.


Documentation & search for parts

Documentation & search

Identifying the correct part has never been easier. The databases are constantly updated and include constructor data. Guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of your searches!


Repair quotes


This feature allows your repairer customers to produce a complete quote rapidly, and one that fully complies with the constructor's service plans. The quote automatically integrates all parts and labour associated with the recommended operations for servicing and/or repairing the vehicle.


On-line ordering

You are able to offer customers an easy and user-friendly ordering and follow-up system. Saving time for all users!


Assistance for repairs

Intuitive and effective, Salto makes it easier to access the technical information needed to repair all types of vehicles, including the most recent ones. Salto offers a comprehensive service through the integration of the best databases on the market such as HaynesPro and Ateliodoc.