Follow your After-Sales Service in real time

Follow your After-Sales requests at all times using Doyen's extranet. Permanent traceability allows you to monitor your returns and warranty requests in a professional manner.


Refresh your stock on a regular basis


For product lines you mainly hold with Doyen, you are offered a regular stock screening programme that includes: an analysis of sales, return of unsold articles*, installation of new applications, etc. Your stock will also be adapted to your local demand, while reducing the risks and costs of obsolescence.


Return goods immediately free of cost


If your customer cancels an order, or in the case of double orders, documentation errors, etc. regardless of the reason you have 2 months to encode your return request via the extranet. Any request is accepted up to a limit of 3% of your turnover and subject to the article being returned in a perfect condition*


A clear and efficient warranty process


Each warranty request is processed on the extranet using a secure and reliable process. The expert report from the manufacturer is attached to the response from our warranty department. 

This means no more lost requests or replies. Receive information on the status of your file at all times!


*For more information on the return procedures, please contact your merchandiser or customer service department.