Our customers

Whether wholesalers, API distributors or key account managers, our customers all benefit from "product and service" solutions tailored to the specific needs of their business. In fact, we aim to cover more than 97.5% of the European fleet requirements on a daily basis.

For wholesalers, who focus on supplying independent repairers, and also API distributors, the challenge remains to have a presence and stay competitive in an increasingly complex market.

For wholesalers we guarantee the supply of parts as soon as possible, allowing them to meet ever-pressing requirements for "rapid supplies, for quick repairs" from professionals and their consumer customers.

For API Distributors, we also provide access to quality parts from leading original equipment manufacturers, allowing them to offer a competitive alternative to the constructor's networks. However, in addition to our logistical presence, we also provide exclusive and permanent technical assistance to them, through exclusive and particularly efficient technical support: technical hotline, on-line workshop, diagnostic tools and repair assistance, training modules, etc.

For key accounts, whether repair chains, corporate fleet managers or e-businesses, they can, through the strength and responsiveness of our logistics, further enhance their market position and increase customer loyalty.