Le 29/12/2017

Best wishes 2018


The Doyen team wishes you all the best for 2018.




Le 19/08/2016

What is AdBlue® ?

Since September 2014, the new European environmental standard Euro 6 has been in force to limit polluting-gas emissions of diesel cars. The Euro 6 standard requires automakers to reduce by more than 50% the amount of nitrogen oxides that a diesel car may emit, with a ceiling of 80 mg/km.

The majority of manufacturers adopted the SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to deliver lower gas emissions on their diesel models. SCR technology is based on a catalytic reduction in which harmful nitrogen oxides are reduced by means of a reducing agent (AdBlue®) to form harmless substances as nitrogen and water.

AdBlue® is an aqueous solution composed of 32,5% of urea and 67,5% of deionized water. The name has been trademarked by Germany’s Association of the Automotive Industry and is a marketing term for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Diesel cars using the SCR technology need to be refilled with AdBlue® regulary. The mileage of an AdBlue® tank depends on several parameters such as the capacity of the tank and the type of driving. When the AdBlue® signal flashes and beeps, the car will run out of AdBlue®. The regulatory consumption threshold is set at 2 400 kilometres. If you run out of AdBlue® your car will not start.

Find out more on and get individualised information per type of car and driving habits.

Le 12/05/2015

Requal, the best value for money at the highest quality for maintenance and repairs

Requal is a brand of repair parts belonging to the Doyen group that aims to provide the highest level of safety at the best price for owners of vehicles aged 4 years and older.

With Requal, we are offering, via the network of API distributors, a range of parts up to 30% cheaper, adapted to the expectations of the market, while still offering Doyen’s top-notch services and logistics.  There are now more than 2,000 parts in the range.

Using an exacting and rigorous sourcing policy, Requal guarantees UTAC-certified quality and performance across the board. The video below highlights the quality of the new Requal brake pads compared with Premium and other makes. Verdict: Requal offers an unrivalled quality/price ratio!

Judge for yourself: 



Discover it exclusively at the API distributor network

Le 07/05/2015

Forward planning of supplies

Selling the right part at the right time is a major challenge for our distributor customers.

Stocks must be refreshed and replenished regularly to anticipate potential shortages of merchandise. 

With Doyen, customers benefit from a computerised system for the forward planning of supplies (VMI). This tool allows a shared management system between distributors and Doyen. Based on electronic data exchanges, it automatically calculates the real needs of customers. 

A part sold is a part that needs to be replenished the next day!

By automating stock-related tasks, customers can free up valuable time and concentrate on their real job, i.e. selling.

The VMI service is available to Doyen's customers from the professional ViaDoyen site. For more information, contact us

Le 06/05/2015

Black-out in Belgium? Not for Doyen!

To mitigate the risk of the announced blackouts in Belgium, in December 2014 Doyen invested in a generator to help ensure business continuity. A bright idea that will prevent our customers from doing a U-turn in the event of an outage!

Doyen asked Electrabel to install an automatic power generator. Christian Célis, the Logistics Manager at the Doyen Group, praises this key investment that is essential to continue offering a distribution service to customers in the event of a power cut. 


Le 20/04/2015

ViaDoyen: the entire Doyen environment a mouse click away and fully paperless!

Accessible at, the customer area is a multifunctional global solution:

Find, order and sell

The platform integrates the Salto sales tool which allows users in just a few clicks
to search for parts, check availability, place orders and track deliveries.

Master the control panel

Customers can manage new parts, instructions, warranties and return agreements independently.
They can also monitor their finances and view orders placed over the last 5 years.

Stay well informed to move forwards

Doyen offers its customers a comprehensive database, documents to support
their business, the latest IT updates, and industry news.

Questions answered by the right person!

It is very easy to communicate with the various departments at Doyen to guarantee a customised service.

In short, it's a platform that allows everyone to work effectively and independently!

Le 17/04/2015

Doyen offers you a 1st class service!

Since 1922, Doyen has been designing and implementing for its partners smart solutions and services,
underpinned by strong values such as innovation, flexibility and expertise - which are imbued into our DNA!
Something we are extremely proud of!

To learn more, visit the dedicated page

Le 15/04/2015

Enter the Salto era: the new all-in-one sales tool

The Salto service platform has been officially available since February 2015.

Doyen developed this new sales tool for distributors and their repairer customers.
Salto will definitively replace the old tools: catalogue (DoyenDoc) and ordering (DDsend), and is now accessible from the customer area .

The performance of this "all-in" platform is a differentiating asset for professionals in the automotive after-market.

Salto smartly integrates 4 functions:

  • documentation & search for parts
  • repair quotes
  • assistance for repairs
  • on-line ordering

Visit the "Ordering tool" to discover more.

Le 13/04/2015

RED Top : Doyen's budget offer

Since the first quarter of 2015, Doyen has been rolling out its new brand called “RED Top". This name will become synonymous with accessibility and reliability at an extremely competitive price. And its modern design reflects Doyen's dynamic and bold image.

It is a brand targeted exclusively at vehicles 6 years old and over. It offers reliability at a great price across a limited range of some of the most requested parts:

  • brakes: brake pads, brake kits and brake discs
  • filters: air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and passenger-compartment filters

Doyen's approach is to offer all customers across all countries a choice between two premium brands and a cheaper alternative. And this is the area where RED comes into play: it is the most competitive offer for car maintenance with prices up to 40% cheaper than premium brands.

With this new RED brand Doyen's distributors can wage war on prices and conquer a larger market share!

Le 26/09/2014

Automechanika 2014: positive overview of innovations

As is the case each year, Doyen visited Frankfurt in Germany to attend the leading event for professionals in the automotive after-market in Europe. 

This fair offers Doyen the opportunity to discover new products from OEM suppliers. 

Key innovations that stood out: 

- TRW presented its new dust-free braking system with DTEC (dust reducing technology) brake pads that reduce by 45% the presence of dust in the brakes. 

- NGK lNGK launched its new Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor with a range of 20 items. Augmented reality is integrated into the packaging, and NGK offers an assembly video via a QR code found on the product's box.

- Delphi also used digital technology to present in an innovative manner its new technologies using interactive touch screens. 

- Texa and its EPSON augmented reality glasses offer a technology that enables service technicians to view diagnostic instructions on the surface of the glasses when working on a vehicle. 

In short, innovation was the watchword at the 2014! And, we will all meet up again in September 2016 for the next European Automechanika trade fair. 

Le 08/09/2014

Are you using "Start-Stop"?

Today, more than 2.8 million vehicles are equipped with the Start-Stop system, and this figure is expected to rise by 70% by 2015.

The automotive industry faces immense challenges to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from vehicles, while at the same time the need for ever-greater comfort levels are increasing. To meet this dual objective, many car constructors have opted for the Start-Stop system.

What is the Start-Stop system?

It is an electrical system that will stop and automatically restart a vehicle when it stops moving, even for a short time. When stopping at traffic lights or in traffic jams, for example, the engine switches off and restarts instantly at the slightest touch. This is possible thanks to a more powerful battery and intelligent management of the power supply.

High performance batteries

Vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system - called "micro-hybrids" - offer more specific charging cycles that cannot be handled by traditional batteries. Consequently, an improved technology for batteries has been developed. Recommended by original equipment manufacturers, these "new-generation" batteries offer maximum performance for extreme energy needs. They are able to respond to higher stresses, have a much longer serviceable life than traditional batteries and do not require any maintenance. 

To help its partners deal with the challenges involved with technologies of the future, Doyen is offering Start-Stop battery models in its on-line catalogue


Le 06/08/2014

Automechanika Frankfurt is an unmissable event for the automobile industry

16 to 20 September 2014 - Frankfurt, Germany

A global showcase for the automotive after-market, each year Automechanika hosts 4500 exhibitors from 74 countries and welcomes 148,000 visitors from around the world. 

Managers, buyers and technicians gather each year in Germany, the fourth largest automotive power in the world, to meet original equipment manufacturers and subcontractors from five continents!

Automechanika for Doyen

All original equipment manufacturers and suppliers of Doyen will attend Automechanika. It is an ideal place to meet and negotiate for buyers, experts in logistics, technicians and Doyen product managers. Meetings with original equipment manufacturers are scheduled in advance to maximize the time spent at the fair. The fair is also an opportunity to discover innovative products, new market trends and also meet emerging equipment manufacturers.

Le 30/06/2014

Welcome to the new website of the Doyen group

After several months in development, we are pleased to  present to you our company on-line!

More modern and ergonomic, the site was designed with our customers and partners in mind. It will support our common development and make any requests much easier.

The configuration of the menu has been specifically designed for accurate and user-friendly navigation. You will find all the news of the group, our offer and our partners, but also the history of the Doyen group.

We aim to regularly update the website. And it will allow you to access the data you require rapidly via a contact form.

The use of "Web Responsive Design" technology means you can take our website with you at all times, as it adapts intuitively to the resolution of your Smartphone or Tablet screen, for optimal navigation.

We hope you enjoy discovering our new tool.

Le 30/06/2014

Press release

At the launch of our new identity. Download for free the press release published in professional media.

28/5/2014 - The Doyen Group unveiled its new brand identity

On 1 July Doyen will launch its new identity and new colours on the main territories where it operates: Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.