Shared values

Company on a human scale, we foster the values ‚Äčthat make us strong and contribute to the success of our model; identity values that carry our ambition and guide the daily activities of all employees, within the company, and also with our partners and customers.


Anticipating tomorrow's needs today.

At Doyen we are convinced that our drive for innovation makes, and will make, a difference! And this applies to our sector, our structure and particularly to our ability to follow trends and anticipate, from today, the needs of tomorrow. As we constantly strive to offer our customers the best techniques for an optimal service.


Adaptability, autonomy and freedom of action.

We are a company with a truly human dimension, and being proactive is part of our DNA. Our culture focuses strongly on flexibility, autonomy and freedom of action which allows us to adapt more quickly to the demands of the market and propose solutions more closely tailored to the needs of our partners.


The expertise and know-how of the personnel.

Quality is a daily challenge. While other operators solely focus on products, our focus is on providing service. The expertise, continuous training and know-how of each member of staff, combined with a desire to perform at all levels of the company, allows us to come up with a differentiating offer.